Welcome to SEQ Precision Logistics Corp, the engineering projects arm of Somerset Capital Group Ltd. We have the proven resources to make the most of favorable circumstances and support you in creating your own. In Delighting Customers we are building a business that Customers love and want to partner with to give your business a definite competitive edge. Our unique business model maintains a low overhead and high functionality with Engineering expertise in multiple disciplines.


We are working with those businesses that are changing their operations strategy and require support in their strategic programs to fund, build, decommission, move and install their equipment and systems. SEQ Precision Logistics Corp and Somerset Capital Group, Ltd., have the critical financial and physical resources to help you respond to changes in the business landscape, smartly. Including an international presence covering the USA, Canada, the UK, Taiwan, and Singapore, we service capabilities beyond those of our competitors.
Terms & conditions apply, subject to change without notice.


    SEQ Precision Logistics Corp welcomes those multi-disciplinary engineering challenges and draw on a combined 250 years of Engineering and Scientific Knowledge to deliver the solution best fitted to your needs.


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